Monday, 11 June 2012


 Royally Dotted and Wells Spotted went into her new home........ for all of 2 days!

 When I went to visit her on the Friday before I left for Majorca, I noticed a patch of paper had lifted due to the rain!

 Luckily I made contact with Ian the Swan Wrangler who is in charge of the flock, before I left and he kept on eye on her and brought her back to the shed to dry out.

 It is a real shame that she wasn't on display for the Jubilee and half term week festivities but it wasn't worth risking more damage, particularly given the amount of rain that has fallen since.

As soon as I got home I spoke to Ian and before I did the dreaded Tesco's shop yesterday, I headed over to Wells to survey the damage. It really was, thankfully, not as bad as I'd feared. I gave her a wipe down and then add a new coat of varnish. The 'precautionary' me wants to give her a 3rd coat, just to be on the safe side on Tuesday. If I end up doing this, I hope she'll be back on display by the end of the week. I'm really sorry if you visited Wells and were disappointed not to see her on display but I guess, it's better to be safe than sorry!


One Off Needlework said...

Glad your lovely swan was rescued in time.
More varnish is good - it's going to rain all month!!! xx

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Your swan is stunning. Wish I could see him in the 'flesh'. Such a shame that this weather is so against you, Good luck. X