Tuesday, 12 June 2012

London bound!

 Yesterday I sneaked off to London for the day - on my own for a little bit of business and a little bit of pleasure. I went to visit a trade show 'Pulse'. We have always exhibited at Harrogate for our mid year show but wanted to see what Pulse was like, as it's closer to home and a day shorter. It was good but it's the beginning of May next year so will have to give it all some thought!

 I did enjoy London - I'm always really nervous going to London on my own, navigating the tubes etc but Jeff had given me little route cards so I was fine.

 Having missed the Jubilee celebrations, it was fantastic to see the flags flying along Regent Street and this image of the Queen in Hamley's toy shop window made entirely from lego!

 I managed to get to Liberty's - a shop I'd never been too, for a quick whizz around - definitely one to re-visit when I next go!

I had a thoroughly good day but it's back to reality today as I've a lot of orders to get done which 'pinged' through whilst we were away! I also have a date with my swan and fingers crossed, the last coat of varnish!


Unknown said...

This was the second time I did Pulse for our company (Arthouse Meath) and it works for us better than Top Drawer (never did Harrogate). Just got more orders, more interest, lots of contacts.....

Claire Mackaness said...

I love liberty! I did a special post all about it when I visited a few years back http://beautifulthingsbyclaire.blogspot.co.uk/2010/03/this-is-ridiculously-picture-heavy-post.html Hope PULSE was all you wanted it to be, I'd love to visit if you exhibit next year

Victoria said...

Glad you went to Liberty. I think it is perhaps my favourite shop. Stunning. Wish I had the funds to shop 'til I drop there. x

Fleur Cotton said...

Just catching up on your posts ... what a fab little day in London and your holiday in Puerto Pollensa looks great, this resort is on the top of my list aleady so you have made me want to go even more!

So glad you rescued your swan before last weeks horrendous rain set in, it would have been devastating to have returned back to a ruined swan after all your hard work. Hope the extra coat of varnish does the trick.

Have a happy week catching up.
Fleur xx