Monday, 13 October 2014

4 hours and 25 years of catching up later!

I had quite a special outing this weekend, a mini reunion with 3 of my old school friends, two of which I haven't seen for 25 years!!

We choose The Old Spot Inn in Dursley, Gloucestershire as the half way point and whilst sat in the foggy car park waiting, I was excited and nervous in equal measures.

However, there was no need to be nervous at all and within minutes it was like it was only yesterday that we'ed last seen each other. Of course the next 4 hours were filled with reminiscing, catching up and the dreaded old photo's came out to haunt us - look at the HAIR!!!!!! I now know why I have it so short!

I don't think we've aged too badly!
It was brilliant to get together and we all left vowing to do it again soon.
Very soon!!


Debdor said...

How lovely that you kept in touch for so long. Does the Spot still do the wonderous double roasted belly of pork, melt in the mouth deliciousness...

Anonymous said...

What a great reunion it must have been! Mandy x

dots and spots said...

I t was the wonders of Facebook Debdor that brought us together. The food to be honest was a bit of an after thought - too much chatting, we all ended up having roast beef x

dots and spots said...

It really was Mandy - just goes to show if you were good friends to start with, time doesn't really matter - although we've all vowed not to leave it so long until the next time x