Sunday, 26 October 2014

London Bound

I am so grateful for the extra hour this morning. We spent the day in London yesterday which meant a very early start and boy did we do some walking! There was a lot of Tube work going on, which meant the District and Central lines along the bit where we needed to go weren't working!!! Typically we had to be somewhere at a certain time so we walked and walked!

We drive down to Hounslow West, where we can park in the tube station car park for just £2 for the day on a Saturday and then go from there. Each year we take a picture by this sign and use it as a measure to see how much we've grown.

What a difference a year makes - top pic taken Oct 2013, bottom pic taken Oct 2014.
The boy is officially taller than me

We headed over to East London first thing to go and see 'The Art of the Block' Exhibition - Nathan Sawaya created each piece using millions of Lego blocks.

Sam loved it especially the bit at the end where you could just play and create something of your own with Lego. Who doesn't like Lego - unless you accidentally step on a piece!

We then headed into Old Spitalfields Market for a mooch around and lunch. I really liked this bit of London although an odd observation I know, there were so many beards! Young men with really full, bushy beards. I did tell Jeff not to get any ideas - must be the new trend!

The thing I wanted to do on this trip was go and see the Poppy Installation at the Tower of London before it ends mid November. We had hoped to go first thing but because of the Tube issues it meant we didn't get there until the afternoon and it was absolutely heaving. Despite the vast numbers of people there was a still, calmness about the place. I'm so glad I got to see it and had a moment to think and give a private thank you to those who died in WW1 - well worth a visit if you can.

So a great start to the half term break. We have no other major plans for the week, other than a pre-birthday sleepover and shopping trip to Bath for Sophie and no doubt a friend or two over for Sam. The garden needs a good tidy up if we have some dry weather and I will still have to keep up to date with dots and spots orders going out. It will be nice to just have some lazy mornings and no school run!

Have a good week where you are.

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