Friday, 24 October 2014

Proud and in Print!

I am very lucky to have shared the last 22 years of my life with Jeff, 18 of which in married bliss!!
I have now known him half of my life - slightly scary thought!
As you may know he is a Maths Teacher, currently working at Millfield School. He too has a blog  'A Maths Teacher Writes' which I must confess I rarely read, as Maths and I have a very bad history. I scraped a C grade at O'Level with many tears along the way, all thanks to my Dad, who spent many a long hour trying to help me. Thank goodness Jeff can help the children with their homework, as I have no clue.

Well a few month's ago he was approached by someone from the TES (Times Educational Supplement) to write an article for them. They liked his style of writing on his blog and could he do something for them. 

Well today his piece is in print and I am very proud. It is very well deserved, he is a great teacher and should rightly enjoy his moment of fame.

Our two have thankfully, it would seem, have been blessed with his love and ability to 'do' Maths. They are both Top Set and unlike me, there are very few tears along the way. If you like Maths then do take a look at his blog, it's apparently quite good, if you are 'in to' Maths in any way x

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