Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A quick catch up

Well Autumn is well and truly here - the garden is covered in fallen leaves. 

We're hoping for a couple of dry days next week during half term to give the garden a really good tidy up. These past 7 weeks have been so busy and there just hasn't been any spare time to get out in the garden even for just a few hours.

Our Katsura tree is looking beautiful and smells divine. As the leaves die, you get the most sweet scent of candy floss!

The beans have pretty much finished now except for the odd one, showing off!! The pumpkins are looking good too - they just need to hold on until Halloween and maybe a couple will be made into soup.

Thinking ahead to Halloween, Sophie has sorted out the Christmas chocolates. We always make up mixed bags to refill the tin - that way all the good ones don't go first. We also give out all the ones we don't like, the orange, coffee and strawberry creams in our case, to the Trick or Treater's on Halloween. Saves on buying extra treats and means we get rid of the chocs we don't like!

I've had a good week on the food front and managed to resist eating even one of the Christmas chocs. I must say the Somerset pork, cider and cabbage hotpot we had over the weekend was absolutely delicious and of course who can say no to egg and chips. Who would think you could eat all this and lose weight - thank you Slimming World! I'm a little apprehensive about halt term and staying 'on plan'. We have a few days out planned which will include at least one trip to GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen). I've decided to just go with the flow, eat and enjoy and pick up SW the next day and hope that not too much damage is done!

We're all ready for half term and a few lazy mornings - the kids could certainly do with a bit of  time off. I shall no doubt be trying to juggle dots and spots and family time but I don't mind if there are no alarm clocks in the mix. Here's hoping the sun shines too.


Sally A said...

Noooo I can't believe you give away the orange ones - they are the best ones - wish I was a neighbour!!!!

Debdor said...

If I give you my address will you send me the strawberry creams please? LOL It is a good idea, may have to steal it...

Anonymous said...

Oh I am drooling over your food photos! I think you have to make weight loss realistic. So if you have a day off a week or fortnight of whatever but eat healthily rest of time then that is more realistic and something you can stick to, making your weight loss maintainable. If you never have a treat day or meal and reach your goal then as soon as you have a meal out here and there your weight will go up. Surely if you have been being naughty with food 7 days a week but now only naughty 1 day but good 6 days then you are going to lose weight. Not that I am saying you have been naughty every day but I hope you get what I mean! Keep going but do enjoy your gourmet burger! Drool! Mandy x