Wednesday, 8 October 2014

How is it......

 ...... the 8th of October already?

Before you know it, it'll be Halloween but we're ready for it however quickly it sneaks up on us.

More of my time is being spent indoors - I really need to start redecorating. We have lived here now permanently for 6 years and things are shouting 'Paint Me!' This is the longest we've lived anywhere and I am still itching for a new project rather than re-decorate here.

Don't get me wrong I love this house but it is becoming smaller as the children are growing and there are one or two things about living here that I would really like to change but can't. It won't happen in the immediate future but I do love to have a nosey around Right Move on a pretty much daily basis! LOL!

I'm not liking the gloomy, chilly mornings - takes me a while to get going when it's like this. The heating has gone on for an hour in the morning and an hour at night, just to knock off the chill.

We've had our first rain in what seems like ages. The winds have picked up and there's a sudden chill in the air - loads of leaves were blown down just the other day. 

I'm still walking daily, I'll get speedier as it gets colder, well that's the plan!

I'm still being good #healthyme I made this pizza for lunch using a Weight Watcher's wrap as the base - it was really nice and was perfect for lunch. I'm still pretty focused about things at the moment, long may it continue - Instagram and Pinterest are proving to be huge sources of inspiration and ideas this time around.

 Lots of Christmas prep continues behind the scenes at dots and spots - Christmas Card orders are now coming in on a daily basis from some very organised customers.

Remember there's 50% off our Advent Calendars until midnight on Saturday - 
not many more EARLY BIRD OFFERS to go so catch it whilst you can.

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