Friday, 17 October 2014

My little success!

5 weeks ago as a bag full of nerves, anticipation and determination, I walked into our local Slimming World Group on my own. I had been inspired by 2 people - a family friend who has lost 5 stone and a friend who has lost over 4 stone in a year. Her Instagram feed was full of real, good, healthy food and I thought to myself, if you can eat all that and lose weight I am going to give it a go.

As you may know I occasionally chat about my struggles with the pounds. As I mentioned only recently, I lost 3 stone on my own 2 years ago but half of it slowly crept back on and despite my various attempts to tackle it on my own, it just wasn't happening this time, so I needed some extra help and support.

By week 2 I achieved my 1/2 stone Award ....... 

and got Slimmer of the Week, 
which was just the thing I needed to keep me motivated.

I've bought a White Stuff Jacket, something I could never do before as the sizes are on the smaller size. I can't do it up YET! but it's another thing to motivate me further. 

I'm back to my daily walks around the park, come rain or shine and I'm eating loads and I mean loads of good, healthy food


Today I achieved my 1 Stone Award.
Today 5 weeks on, I am a Stone and 1/2 a pound lighter.
I feel very chuffed and determined to go a lot further. I have set a goal and I will just see how I far I go. I'm loving the plan and can see exactly how it works. I can eat loads and have not once felt hungry, quite the opposite, I sometimes wonder how I can eat so much and still lose weight. For me now, at this moment, it's working. I do worry it may suddenly stop and I won't know why but I will give it my best shot and see how far I can go!

Thank You Slimming World


Sue said...

Becky, Well Done, Slimming World is fab I'm a lapsed member now but SW is the only club i would go to, it is amazing how much you can eat AND still lose weight
Well Done
Sue xxx

Christina said...

You look AMAZING! And I love that jacket. You and I must have similar taste as we both bought the mustard autumnal cardigan from Sainsburys! I am still clinging on to an extra stone that I put on during pregnancy last year. I know I will lose it eventually, but perhaps I too need a helping hand this time! :0)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Becky! Many congrats! I know someone who did slimming world and it seemed to me all about healthy eating with no gimmicks and with treats built in so perfect! I wish you continued good luck. You can do it! Mandy x

dots and spots said...

I've been very impressed Sue - I can see how it's for the long term - not felt hungry or deprived once.

dots and spots said...

Thanks Christina - Slimming World is fantastic - I watched a few people from the sidelines for a few months and then decided to give it a go - wish I'd done it sooner now as it really works. I stay to the meetings each week, which helps too - good luck if you decide to go for it x

dots and spots said...

Thanks MandyI've been pleasantly surprised at how good the plan is and can certainly see how it can be for the long term. I'm also in the right headspace at moment, which I believe is half the battle. I've still 2+ stone to go so I'm in it for the long haul x