Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A little update

It's turning out to be a busy half term - we had the run on Sunday then Jeff met up with his brother and all the male cousins on Monday to walk up Cley Hill. Then on Tuesday we did a 6 hour round trip to Cornwall for the day to visit my Granny.

We took a detour via St Ives, my favourite spot and celebrated me reaching 'Target' by having lunch at The Hub - best spot in St Ives for food with views like this.

We picked up a couple of 'proper' Cornish pasties for the journey home - I enjoyed a 'slither' and took the other one over to give to Granny......

.....which I think she enjoyed!

My sister and niece happened to be down at the same time, so popped over to say hello, as did Mum and Dad - a rare family selfie (minus1)

Today, Sophie and I were up bright and breezy to head off to Cardiff for the day. There was a specific shop we wanted to go to but it wasn't a bad trip and something we may well do again. Tomorrow we're off again to Bath - Sophie and a friend are shopping and off to the cinema, so I shall enjoy a little retail therapy too - perks of being the chauffeur x

Oh and the official 'action' shots from the run have gone live - ha! look at those red cheeks!!

Final time came in at 27:38 - pretty proud of the above stats - looking forward to getting a run in on Saturday - I've been too busy gallivanting to exercise this week!


Ali said...

You really are inspiring x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Mandy x