Saturday, 9 May 2015

South Street Kitchen

Last night I went out with some Slimming World Friends to the South Street Kitchen - Gillingham's secret gem! It was just a door in the wall but beyond was food heaven! Not Slimming World friendly but a well deserved night 'off-plan' for us all .

I went for the Seabass Burrito and it was delicious.

But had to order a side of the triple fried chips - sooooo good!

Pud was the Dulce Deleche Dessert with poached strawberries and a shortbread bite - YUM!

I did run this morning in an attempt to work off a few of those chips!

And did have a healthy breakfast - straight back 'on-plan'!

This is how life will now be - managing my food and living!
Having it, enjoying it but being sensible either side.

I'll leave you with this view of our local park - beautiful isn't it?

Have a lovely weekend - hoping it includes a little sunshine x

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