Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Target Treat Time!!!

Okay I'm a little early - I'm still 3 lbs away but when I got to target, I promised myself I'd get my hair coloured like I used to have in my 20's. Well today was the day due to timings - I love it, the kids hate it and Jeff says it takes him back 20 years!! so a mixed response. It needs to 'settle' and we all need to get used to it but I feel confident enough to carry it off now I've lost the weight.


I also treated myself to a Nespresso Coffee Machine. I've wanted one for ages so decided it could be a joint Target gift and New House gift all in one!! Okay, I know it's early on both counts but I think I deserve it xx

I also thought I'd share these fab coffee jars with you. Douwe Egberts Coffee have teamed up with Orla Kiely to produce these fab Limited Edition coffee jars. There are 3 to collect and so far I've only seen them in the Co-op, not with the regular coffee but on an end aisle, bottom shelf or on an 'Offer' display stand. 
They have only just come out and are £5 a jar in the Co-op and I guess, will eventually be in all the supermarkets but they're great jars to keep and re-use.

So from a very blonde me, I'll sign out and get on with my evening chores.
Here's hoping the sun decides to return soon, I need to keep my tan topped up with hair this colour lol!


Ali said...

You look great, you deserve your rewards!!! P.s. oh dear I love those jars!!! Lol

Mair Dyer said...
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Mair Dyer said...

You look amazing Becky. The colour really suits you. You have done so well losing all that weight ,it must be a wonderful to slip into clothes and have the confidence to be so blonde. You really deserve those treats for sure. Good luck with the last few pounds .

Anonymous said...

I just love your hair! It totally suits you and you deserve all your treats 100%!
Many many congrats on your weight loss. I have been looking at your Instagram posts and I think you are truly inspirational. I notice you nearly always add veg to your meals. Does this mean you prepare and cook a variety of veg every night? Or do you batch cook and reheat?
Congrats again and enjoy your hair, clothes and coffee machine! Mandy x

dots and spots said...

Thank you Ali and Mair

dots and spots said...

I cook my veg fresh every meal - it's a huge part of the plan to fill up on 'free/speed' food which is fruits and vegetables - I find they taste better cooked fresh Mandy

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky
I agree that veg taste best cooked fresh. I guess the effort is well worth the outcome. Broccoli and sprouts are my favs, but the family don't agree! He he. Mandy x