Saturday, 2 May 2015

Posh do!

Last night Jeff and I were invited to the Prefect Dinner at Millfield where he works. 
I've always hated this type of event because of how I looked and felt and dreaded shopping for an outfit and subsequently spending an evening feeling uncomfortable and out of place.

But last night, I felt a million dollars.

The dress was just from New Look but it fitted perfectly. I was a worried it was a little short but had so many lovely comments over on Instagram about 'my fab pins' not a feature I'd ever considered to be good before!! I did feel very short beside all these tall, elegant 17/18 year old girls but I'm afraid that's something I can't change 

So I guess I shall be happier attending more events in the future. I won't feel I'm letting Jeff down or feel embarrassed about what I'm wearing. I just need to master the art of effortlessly walking in heels and I'll be okay lol!! 
We didn't scrub up too badly, did we?


Anonymous said...

you look perfect! Elegant, slim and happy!

joy said...

It's all been said before Becky, but well done indeed. x x

Lisa said...

You look amazing.
Lisa x

Debdor said...

Well done to you on your amazing achievement! I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to go out... Fingers crossed for a smooth sale - how exciting!

Anonymous said...

you all look amazing. :)