Sunday, 3 May 2015

The realisation hits!

As I sit here on my own (Jeff's at work and the kids have bolted upstairs) I think the realisation has suddenly hit, that this soon will no longer be my home. I met the couple who are buying our house yesterday, a lovely young couple, full of hopes and dreams about making this 'their' home! I look around at all our 'stuff' and again the realisation hits, that I have only 8 weeks to sort, de-clutter and get this all packed up ready for the move! I have enjoyed living here and will miss it but I am also looking forward to creating a new home for us all to live in. So I guess the countdown begins (fingers crossed things continue to go to plan) 8 weeks and counting! There is an awful lot to do!!

When the sun is shining the garden is my sanctuary. It really starts to come into it's own in May as everything 'greens up' I shall miss this possibly a little more than the house but am sure the new house and garden will come to mean as much to me as this has.

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