Sunday, 17 May 2015

My date night with TAKE THAT

So last night was the night I had a date with the Take That boys.....

....and my man!!

And I had THE best time!

I am a huge fan and got to see them 4 years ago on their Progress Tour. The tickets were a 40th birthday gift. At the time I vowed to be 'Thin by 40' and then 'Thin by Take That' but I was 'Thin' by neither!! So this time around, 5 and a 1/2 stone lighter, I can now say I was 'THIN BY TAKE THAT' and I felt fabulous x

The show was incredible - you just don't know where to look next and the songs were a complete mix of old, new and favourites x

The best night ever xx


Josie said...

Five and a half stone! What a fantastic achievement and what a way to celebrate xx

dots and spots said...

Thanks Josie - it was a fantastic night x