Friday, 7 August 2015

First of many!!

Today we celebrate the first birthday in our new home!
Today my baby becomes a teenager!!

Not sure where the year's have gone but am hoping he remains a happy individual throughout his teenage years. He didn't have much for his birthday as his new room is his main present (will be for Sophie too) but he was happy with a new computer monitor and a few treats to open this morning. Pancakes were his breakfast of choice, followed by croissants and birthday cake for lunch and Garlic Bread is his favourite tea - think he's fed up of chips after having them daily on holiday!!

So how much taller than me will he get? 
He's already a good few inches taller than me now and seems to be growing daily at the moment, think Jeff might be worried soon!!

Happy Birthday Sam xxx


Judith said...

Happy Birthday, Sam!!!

He looks very happy, Becky (((-: Actually, both of you
Enjoy your new home!

Sending party wishes,

KC'sCourt! said...

Happy birthday to your son
Julie xxxx