Thursday, 20 August 2015

The decorating continues.

Since I last posted I've continued to decorate Sophie's room. The walls have been undercoated and have had 2 coats of Spotlight Grey by Crown.

The floor has been undercoated.....

....... and had 3 coats of Slate Grey by Ronseal.

I now just have to gloss the woodwork and a trip to Ikea is imminent to buy the furniture she wants. The wardrobe doors will be replaced eventually once we have the builders on site and I'm awaiting an electrician to put in some extra plugs. So we should be done before the end of the summer holidays as promised, then it'll be Sam's turn.

Sophie has a big year ahead with her GCSE'S her main focus, so having a nice room to work in should help with the study and revision. This morning she started things off with an A grade in Core Science - so proud. Jeff's students did well too, all passing, so a happy household today. 

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