Monday, 31 August 2015

August ends!

August has not delivered the sunshine we had hoped for. On the one hand that's been really disappointing and it doesn't feel like we've had a Summer but on the other, due to the decorating I've been doing, I guess I've not missed out on the lovely weather.

August started off with us returning from our holiday in Ibiza and promptly into celebrating Sam's 13th birthday. The rest of the month has pretty much been spent stripping wallpaper, decorating, sanding and painting floors and making up Ikea furniture! We've had the odd day out in Bath, a treat meal out, dots and spots orders to still keep on top of but decorating has pretty much been it for August. 

On a health and fitness level, I saw my first ever gain, post holiday 'All Inclusive' excess! I was nominated for Woman of the Year and although I didn't win, it gave me a chance to reflect on all I've achieved this year, size 18 to size8!!!! I've now been at Target for 10 weeks and this is where I'd now like to stay!

We as a family have taken out membership at the local fitness centre, as it's just 5 minutes walk from the house. The boys have been swimming 18-20 lengths of the pool EVERY day (I'm very proud of Sam) and I had my gym induction yesterday, as I know come winter I'll be making up all those excuses not to run when it gets cold and wet. I hope to continue to be active 3-4 times a week, be it an exercise class, a run, a blast on the treadmill or a swim - I'll have no excuse!

I still intend to continue going to my local SW group every week to get weighed, keep me focused and meet up with all my lovely fellow slimmers. I wouldn't have achieved all I have without them.

So, school starts for everyone this week - back to the school runs for me but a 2 minute walk for Jeff. This house move does feel like it's been a good move and once Jeff's term starts, we can really put it to the test and see if he benefits as we had hoped from extra time at home.

Here's hoping September is a sunny, warm month,
 I'm not ready to put my flip flops away just yet!


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a disappointing August, but like you, I have been busy so it does distract a little from the weather. But does make the winter seem long when autumn begins in August! However, you have lovely house plans to focus on and perhaps a few new clothing treats for winter for your weight loss. How well you have done!!! Enjoy your success!!! Mandy x

Angel Jem said...

A lovely warm Indian summer would be great, and go some way to making up for the holidays of coolness!

SallyB said...

Hi Becky...
I went back to work today...meeting all the new staff at school and helping them settle in.
No children this week as we are on inset til Monday!
I know you will be keeping up all your hard work. I'm back in size 12 trousers which has pleased me no end.
Good Luck with the rest of the house and no doubt I'll chat to you later on Instagram!