Friday, 28 August 2015

We're getting there!

One room down, the rest of the house still to go!!

Saturday (yes we are mad!!!) saw us ALL in Ikea on a mission to buy furniture for Sophie and Sam's room's. Because their bedrooms were up on the third floor in our last house, we left a lot of the Ikea furniture there, as we couldn't get it down the stairs without pulling it all apart. 

Sophie's room is now finished - from this.... this!!
Jeff lived in Ikea flat pack making hell for 3 days, to get her furniture all made up and in place. Frustratingly we're waiting for an electrician to come next week to fit some extra sockets, before she can move everything in.

She's sleeping in there and doing her holiday homework on her new desk and once the electricians been, we can move her out of the box room and move Sam in, before I start on his room.

The new extension is progressing frustratingly slowly due to our architect not doing what he's promised. Planning Permission will take 8 weeks which he promised he'd do before we went to Ibiza at the end of July but still doesn't look like it's been accepted onto the system. So instead of an original September start for the build, we're now looking at a November start!! We have met one builder though and once the plans for the extension are talked through, the excitement returns. I have so many ideas, plans and just want things to get started but am realistic that it'll be February/March before we will be in a position to get everything out of storage.

So as the Summer holidays come to close, the decorating will continue in amongst the school runs, dots and spots etc. I'm mindful it's coming up to my busiest time of year and progress will be slow as a result but I'd like to get Sam sorted by October half term - best get cracking!!

Have a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

Gosh! Busy busy busy!! But I am sure you will do an amazing job as your previous house was lovely! I envy your vision and drive!!
You are going to end up with a gorgeous home!
Take care
Mandy x

Angel Jem said...

Sophie's room looks gorgeous! What a brilliant area for a teenager. My daughter wants her room doing up in October, complete with feature wall and vintage dressing table. I'll keep her away from your blog, or I can see we'd need a trip to Ikea as well!

I'm Deborah said...

Lovely room Becky.... could I just ask where you got the large white noticeboard that is sitting above Sophie's desk? I need to get something similar for my daughter but have had no luck so far!!

Thanks and good luck with the rest of the renovations!!

dots and spots said...

The notice board was from Ikea too 'I'm Deborah' - it's magnetic and a white board

dots and spots said...

Ikea is so cheap but it was alot of effort making everything up Angel Jem - once she moves everything in and has an further good sort out it'll be what she wanted. Good Luck with your daughter's room

dots and spots said...

Thanks Mandy - will be chaos for the next 4/5 months but will be lovely once it's all done x

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