Friday, 21 August 2015


Today in our Slimming World Group, we crowned our 'Woman of the Year'
I, alongside 3 of my new SW Friends, was a nominee. I didn't win, my friend and well deserved winner was Jennie, who has lost an incredible 6 and a half stone.

Without the support, laughter, friendship and support of group, I wouldn't have achieved my weight loss this year. I love my Friday mornings and always leave feeling inspired and motivated for the new week ahead. I've managed to stay in my Target range now for 9 weeks and that's with a house move and holiday thrown in and all because of the fabulous people who come to group!!

It's hard to believe that just last September, I walked into my first SW meeting wearing the jeans on the left - size 18 and am now comfortably wearing a size 8!!

In fact just this week I actually bought and could comfortably fit into a size 8 pair of skinny jeans! Now if you'd have said that would be possible a year ago, I wouldn't have believed you.

Have a great weekend x


Anonymous said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! I am truly happy for you. Such an achievement. I hope you feel as good as you look. Mandy x

Angel Jem said...

I just got some lovely stuff from your shop. It's really good, thank you. I'm a new reader of your blog.

And well done on the loss! You look really well, and I'm guessing feel really good as well. All of this in a year! You should feel really proud x

Amanda said...

What an achievement, it must have been a great day.

Sharon said...

Love those shoes - where are they from? Well done on maintaining your weight loss - I've been at target since January of this year and it's definitely the discipline of going to group that keeps me in line!

dots and spots said...

Thanks Mandy, Angel Jem and Amanda - it's been a fab year - just got to work hard at staying where I am now xx

dots and spots said...

The shoes Sharon are from Red Herring at Debenhams - they're very comfy.

Maintaining is a balancing act isn't it? I think staying to group will help keep me focused x