Friday, 7 August 2015

Holiday round up!

So we're back - rested and relaxed after 11 days of hot sunshine in Ibiza. 
Our hotel was right on the beach and....

...had a great pool - spoilt rotten.

Only downside to the holiday was the sunbed scrum at 9am. There were far too few umbrellas, so you had to wait from 8am on the steps, for the chains to be lifted at 9am to make sure you got an umbrella! Other than that, which was more stressful than the school run lol! it was a great break away from everything.

Plenty of reading and relaxing was done.

Much needed family time spent together.

Plenty of swimming each day and as we were on the 5th floor, plenty of stair climbing too.

Jeff and I celebrated our 19th Wedding Anniversary out there and ...

... left the kids in the hotel and had an evening to ourselves!
What a view! 

Most evenings were spent going for a walk, eating ice-cream or swimming in the sea.

It really was a fabulous spot right by the beach.

Sam coped with the heat - he doesn't really enjoy it, so swims and makes use of the air conditioning in between. To be honest he would rather not go!!

Sophie and I sheltering from the most torrential rain one morning (you can just make it out in the back ground) We got stuck under the umbrella whilst the boys were in the pool swimming. Thankfully the sun came out soon after to dry us and everything off.

So after a fabulous break away, it's back home and time to start decorating. I promised the children I'd get their rooms done this Summer. No more putting it off, Sunday it's project 'Sophie's Room' swifly followed by Sam's!!

Here's to next year - better start saving up!! 

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Anonymous said...

I followed your holiday on Instagram. Looked fantastic!
Happy birthday to Sam!
Mandy x