Tuesday, 9 February 2016

5 more minutes of fame!

HA! Today I am in Woman's Own magazine.

Bit disappointed the only mention to Slimming World is 'I even joined Slimming World'. Without Slimming World, I wouldn't be where I am today and I have everything to thank them for.

I'm embarrassed and proud in equal measures - I should of never let myself get that size in the first place, but I've worked hard to get the weight off, now the challenge to keep it off continues.

If my story can inspire one person to start their own weight loss journey, 
then it will have been worth it.


Debdor said...

I am still flabbergasted at your achievement, you are possibly the only person I know, who has said I am going to lose weight and seriously done it, and kept it off! Amazeballs!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! You deserve the fame after such a brilliant achievement!
Your house is coming along so well! So exciting for you.
I noticed on your Instagram that you had enjoyed the film Begin Again. I rented it and loved it! Then I downloaded the soundtrack and play it often. Thanks for the tip!
Mandy X