Saturday, 6 February 2016

Week 14 - build update

This sums up my week, dust and mess everywhere but wow, what a week.
So much has happened.

The painters have arrived and given everywhere a mist coat.

The kitchen arrived on Thursday.......

.....and the fabulous Craig worked really hard all day Friday.

I've spent today giving it all a little clean and hoover up. I know it'll all be messy again next week but I feel better for it, although I'm itching to get in there 'proper'!
It is going to be a fabulous space.

The knock through from the main house to the new bit happened on Wednesday. I was dreading it and yes it was messy but not half as bad as I feared and the new bit does feel part of the whole house now. 

The roof on the front of the house is now finished and the scaffolding has come down. The side still needs to be rendered and the back is still awaiting the go ahead for the dormer. 

So a great week.

Next week should see the actual kitchen corner finished. The walls still need to be panelled and the room painted, then the floor tiles need to go down. The current front door will become the new kitchen door and the new front door will be hung. The electrician is arriving on Monday for second fix and the plumber will be moving us over to the new system and the under floor heating (such luxury) will be ready to be switched on. Outside the front drive pillars will be done, a gate fitted and wall along the side, side wall rendered and hopefully 2 other windows will be fitted. The bathroom is set to be cleared ready for the half term week, when we lose the bathroom and old kitchen and the new downstairs loo/utility will go in and new bathroom suite upstairs - eek! well that's the plan!!

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