Sunday, 7 February 2016

Decisions, decisions

It's time to choose a front door colour. On my run this morning, I caught myself looking at each front door I ran past, checking out the colour variations.

 The two pics above are of my last front door, as you can see the colour changes depending on the light. It was a Farrow and Ball colour, although no longer available and I must admit, I fancy a change. 

I still want a blue'ish door - found this image earlier and this is the colour I want. 

I would say it's a combination of 1 and 2 - so the search continues.


Angel Jem said...

We had a wooden door until last year, when I just HAD to paint it. Blue was on my list, and might yet get painted on it, but for my first foray into coloured doors, I went for red. It looks lovely with a wreath on at Christmas.
I love the door decorations; did you keep them on all the year round?

SallyB said...

Hey Becky...
If you go on my Instagram and scroll down you can see what the Cooks blue looks like!
My neighbour has Lulworth Blue...I shall find it and tag you!
They are both lovely!

SallyB said... again. I lied. It's on my facebook not Instagram!
If you want me to email the pics...DM me on Insta!

Anonymous said...

I love 4, maybe more unusual? and a nice contrast for your wreaths. Although they all look nice. Love it, you'll be glad when it's finished. Keep the hoover handy lol. All the best. Laura