Sunday, 14 February 2016

Week 15 - build update!

Everything seems in touching distance, yet there is still a LOT to do!
And this week got off to a frustratingly slow start again.

No one turned up on Monday due to the weather, Tuesday the Electrician and Plumber both turned up, unpacked their kit, packed up their kit and went off on emergencies, then one of the builders was sick so we were down to 2! Wednesday, the best day of the week and the plasterer called in sick - he was supposed to be rendering the side of the house but 3 carpenters arrived, the electrician returned, as did the plumber and the full 3 builders!

So this week a new fuse box was fitted for the the new part to get connected. We have a new front door and the old one has moved to become the interior kitchen door.

The bedhead wall in the bedroom has been panelled out ready for painting.

The bathroom has been stripped ready for work to start in there next week.

The box room is fast becoming the dumping room!!

The kitchen fitting is making great progress and...

... the panelling has started in the kitchen, boxing in all the wires etc.

And thankfully the plasterer returned on Thursday and Friday to render the side of the house, so the scaffolding can come down next week and the side wall and gate can be built.

So a good week in the end but next week will be by far the most challenging!

It's half term week but we will lose the use of the old kitchen and our bathroom, other than a loo from 5pm - 8am, so it's showers down at the swimming pool and toilet trips to Tesco's! Later today I have the job of moving the kitchen into the sitting room (if there's any space!!) They promised me the new kitchen would be ready but it's not, so we will be eating out a lot and making use of the toaster lol! Hopefully work on the dormer window can start too and the decorators return, so we will be keeping out of everyone's way and hoping everything goes to plan!

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