Saturday, 20 February 2016

Week 16 - build update

So what a week - a week I've been dreading but great progress all round.

This week we have had to manage without a kitchen or a bathroom, other than a loo and a sink between 5pm and 8am. We've eaten out for lunch and had picky sandwich teas. We've showered at my sister's and used the local swimming pool's facilities!! We've survived but have to do it all over again next week, with work and school thrown into the mix too!


Sophie and I went out all day Monday and came back to the kitchen and bathroom completely stripped out and the front garden resembling the local tip!


Tuesday saw the old kitchen partitioned in half ready to house the downstairs loo and utility area. The cooker hood and splash-back went up in the kitchen and the shower tray was put in place!


Wednesday saw the kitchen being painted, the cupboard doors upstairs in the bedroom were made and finally, the scaffolding down the side of the house was taken down - what a difference!


Thursday was dormer d-day! We've been waiting for planning to approve it, so as soon as we got the nod, it was all systems go and as you can see from the pic below, with the view of Glastonbury Tor, it was well worth the wait!
The new bathroom sink got temporarily plumbed in, the floor started to down in the bedroom and further work completed in the utility.


So the window man arrived on Friday and fitted new windows in the box room, bathroom, new dormer, utility and loo. The remaining windows in the old part of the house will have to be replaced as and when we can afford them!!
So we now have a sink in the utility, ready to be up and running on Monday, when the kitchen sink will be out of bounds due to the floor tiler. The shower walls went up ready for the glass panels to go in on Monday and the kitchen got a bit of a clear out, for the painters to return on Saturday with everyone out of the way.

So, I think that's it!

Next week the kitchen floor tiles go down and we have no use of the kitchen at all! The plasterer returns to skim out the utility area and dormer. The roof tiles and outside finishing off will get done and the floor will continue to go down in the bedroom and possibly a start made on the wardrobe. So still plenty to do, I reckon another 3 weeks but we'll see!

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