Thursday, 2 August 2018

Puerto Pollensa - Part One


Up at silly o'clock, we headed to Bristol airport at 3am, to start our week away in the sun!

But arrived to disappointing grey skies, which thankfully, quickly, gave way to blue skies and sunshine. It was perfect actually, as we had to wait to get into our apartment.

55 Carrer de Formentor, our home for the week.

See previous post HERE for more details.

We spent the afternoon by the pool, having a snooze and simply relaxing.


We spent Sunday in the resort, enjoying a swim in the sea

and just relaxing by the pool.

 We were just enjoying time together by the pool, when the sky went incredibly dark, the wind whipped up in seconds and we had the most torrential rain for half an hour.

The road flooded...

...part of the beach washed away....

...and then it was as if nothing had happened.
The calm after the storm.


We got up early on Monday to walk to Cala Boquer - an hours walk through the Boquer Valley. 

It was quite hard going in places and in the heat, hence our early start...

... but well worth it - what a beach.

I was first in, never again, I got stung by a jellyfish. 

Still have a mark a week on!

Other than the jellyfish incident, it was well worth the walk.

Although it was extremely hot coming back. So glad we had our own pool to jump into on our return, made such a difference knowing we had it to go back to.


We got up early again on the Tuesday, a bus ride to Pollensa. It reminded me more of Italy, with it's tall, narrow, cool streets.

We got there early to climb the 365 steps up to the chapel.

Again it was a climb but we had shade and...

... the views at the top were well worth it.

Of course, we then had to go back down but had a welcome coffee at the cafe at the bottom of the steps.

We spent a while meandering through the old town before catching the bus back to our resort.

Every evening we ate out, that was my one rule, no cooking!

and every evening we strolled along the Pine Walk, by the sea.

Puerto Pollensa really is the most beautiful place and I could quite happily live there.
I'll post Part Two and the rest of our week tomorrow.

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