Sunday, 1 December 2019

Advent ready!

Pinch and a punch....

....hello December!

We're Advent ready here. The paper Advent Calendar is out, as is the chocolate tin and a smattering of festive bits, just to set the scene.

Sophie has her Christmas countdown to 'coming home for Christmas' ready. She enjoyed last year's, so I was easily persuaded to put together another one for this year. It was also a birthday present, so there are a few treats in there too.

She's actually just sent through this pic of her room looking all festive. 
The tree, mug, robin, all countdown gifts from last year.

 November was a fab month, full of special times. December looks like there will be more of the same, a busy, fun filled month ahead x

 Hope you have a good one x


Anonymous said...

Hello Becky,
Glad to have found your blog because I can’t find your PCOS instagram account. Have you deleted it?
Thanks for all the advice over the years.
Love Jo

dots and spots said...


No it's still there JO @beckypcosandsprouts

Hope you find it
Becky x