Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Breakfast Bags

So, I briefly mentioned the breakfast bags in a previous post. 
Each bag contains a similar type of gift wrapped in the same paper. 

Brought about because this one can't wait to open presents on Christmas Day morning. As they get older and want money as their main gift, there is less to open. I like to save opening presents for the afternoon, when I'm less busy and can appreciate what I've been given. So the compromise came about in the form of a Breakfast Bag. Not dissimilar to a stocking really, only we all opened a gift wrapped in the same paper at the same time.

Now this year, I of course knew what every gift was, although my memory or lack of it, challenged me even on a few!!! We each had a magazine, bottle of booze, scratchcard, chocolate, toiletry, travel toiletry, game, socks, gift, decoration and even an......

.....Easter egg!!!!

Jeff's selection




So as we were eating breakfast, we all opened rounds of presents....

....taking it in turns to chose a round!

They were a hit and so the Breakfast Bag is born!!
Next year I'm tasking everyone to buy a round of 4 gifts, of a type 
and wrapped in the same paper, so I get a few surprises too.

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