Saturday, 21 December 2019

Home stretch

WOW! December is speeding along, Christmas is just around the corner!

I'm still working but filling my time off with festive treats.
Sophie and I went to see Last Christmas on Tuesday after work, another festive movie to add to the list. Perfect festive feels and a soundtrack to the beloved George Michael to boot.

My evenings have been filled with catching up on our Festive Favourites...

...and finding new films to add to our ever growing 'must see' list.
If you have Netflix, watch The Christmas Chronicles, sequel in line for next year.
Fab film x

On Wednesday we took Sam out of school to go to Cornwall, our only chance to visit this side of Christmas. Sam drove part way there, obviously not on the motorway but he drove a good chunk back, in horrendous rain too. Sadly he failed his driving test the following day, pouring rain and one roundabout, now his nemesis, did their worst! He's booked in for a re-test in February or hopefully a cancellation before, if one pops up. So in Cornwall we popped in to Mum and Dad's to drop off presents, quick coffee and catch up, then over to Granny's to spread a little festive cheer. 

A little tree to add a little festive cheer.

I've then in-between work and free time, been trying to organise Christmas. Food lists for the next few days, oven timings for Christmas lunch etc Working out when to actually go food shopping, bake brownies, clean the house etc.

I've had my final full day off now, before Christmas. Sophie and I were in M&S by 8:30 to get the turkey and a few nice bits, then to Tesco's for meals over the next few days. I'm working Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, so am hoping to squeeze in my final fresh meat/veg/bread/fridge shop before I go to work on Monday, then bake before work on Tuesday!!

I've got all the Christmas crockery out and found the napkins I'd stashed away.

We've even got a few festive touches in the bathroom this year!!

Jeff and I still buy each other a card and joke whether or not it will make the 'Keep Forever' cut and be brought out in years to come. Think these will both be keepers!!

We had the realisation this week, that on the 18th, a Friday back in 1992, that we'd met in a nightclub 'Joe Bananas' in Bath 27 years ago!!!!! 
Wow! Feel very lucky to be in such a happy place all these years on xx

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