Saturday, 16 April 2011

Easter Tree

The minute we got home yesterday, the children kept asking "When are we going to do the Easter Tree?" (well Easter is late this year!)

We've always done it, every year - so I went out down the back lane and picked some fresh spring twigs and mixed it in with some Forsythia, then we hung the pretty decorated eggs on it, that we have collected over the years.

This little musical bunny band comes out every year,

as do the spotty eggs and

Mr and Mrs Easter Bunny

We don't go mad but it does make the dresser pretty and adds a little Easter magic.

It's certainly not on the same scale as this amazing Easter Egg Tree which was featured on the fabulous 'Bees and Appletrees' Blog Now that's what I call an Easter Tree!


Anonymous said...

we always do a small easter tree too :-)- I LOVE that big one - amazing x

The Pea Pod said...

Your twig tree looks great, I haven't got around to doing mine yet. Perhaps it will be a Sunday job? xx

Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Wow!! We never decorate for easter but i am sooooo starting from now - that big tree is AMAZING!

Pretty Petal Handmade said...

Your tree and easter decorations are lovely! Looks really spring like and colourful. I love it :)


FairlyGirly said...

Your Easter tree looks great what a lovely idea. One would look great in our hallway! The big tree is amazing, never seen anything like it.

Miffy said...

Love your Easter dec's - I managed to get some gorgeous vintage bunny cake decs and can't wait to make some little Easter cakes to put them on. I am also going to be on a mission this year to decorate the back garden as well (not quite as enthusiastically as the man with his tree!!)- Archie has spent many hours digging a number of holes in a mound of earth in our back garden(with lots of help from our new puppy!!!) I told him he shouldn't really dig lots of holes and encourage the dog to dig, but he said he was making the holes for the Easter Bunny, to welcome him into our garden!!!! x