Thursday, 21 April 2011

My favourite little shop

If you are a regular blog follower, you will already know about my little shop of lovely things - furniture to be precise - but lovely old, country style furniture.

I thought I would share with you today some of the lovely bits and pieces I have collected over the years. They do not have much value in monetary terms but I love them all.

This was one of my first pieces, bought nearly 10yrs ago - I wanted/needed a piece of furniture to house the TV that wasn't modern and could hide all the gadgets, DVD's etc from view.

This lovely old chest doubled up as a seat for many years but houses all my rolls of wrapping paper - yes I like wrapping paper and yes, it's full to bursting!!

This little desk/table has been acquired by Sophie as a little dressing table - the mirror was also bought from Anne.

This set of drawers fits perfectly beside the computer desk - it's as if it was made to measure and of course was crying out to be bought.

This little chair was only £5.00 and sits nicely on the landing.

This old cupboard lives in the sitting room - it is shelved inside and is home to all the children's games and puzzles - bought for only £60!

This other wardrobe was only £75 and hides away all my bags and any pressies for the children as it can be locked!

But by far my most favourite piece is this little larder cupboard - it was green originally and I asked her to paint it cream.

I've lined all of the shelves with red and white spotty oilcloth and it houses all the food. If we ever move and it no longer has a need in the kitchen, it will be finding it's way into my studio!

Of course there is also the little blue dresser I use for my shows and now I have the premises, I may well be able to start to squirrel away other little bits and pieces.


Plus Size Shopaholic said...

LOVE them all! I love love love pre-loved furniture and want to get lots as it really adds something to a house. I have furniture envy :)

Country Style Living said...

Great finds but I especially love the larder cupboard!!

Jenny said...

Gosh I must go visit her, your pieces are all gorgeous and so reasonably priced too! Have a very happy Easter xx

Wendy said...

I love, love, love your larder cupboard!

Designs by Sian said...

Wow! Some gorgeous finds but my fave is the wardrobe... stunning! Sian x

Kyleigh said...

ohmygod I ABSOLUTELY love your finds.. very jealous too. I need a shop like that near me!

BaggieAggie said...

What gorgeous finds. I particularly love the larder cupboard and the chest of drawers. Fabulous!

Rosie. x

Miffy said...

Lovely pieces!! I am squirreling away a few bits - I always have good intentions of selling them, but they are my favourite pieces - full of character and unique!!! Hubby has just told me he has acquired another set of wooden step ladders :0) x

Diary of a Tinyholder said...

My gosh, I adore all those hings, especially the larder cupboard. We actually just ripped out doors like your larder cupboard for our bedroom and was planning on gettng a carpenter to reuse them in our kicthen and you've just given me inspiration for what to do! xx

Ionwen Charlesworth... said...

Adorables. They really are all so yuuuuuuummy! X

paulaharris24 said...

hi i live in somerset and just wondered if you woud share the location of the little shop.