Monday, 18 April 2011

Making the most.......

......of this glorious weather.

I love our little garden - it backs onto Collett Park and despite the house being on the main road at the front, it is extremely quiet.

The tulips, my favourite flower, are beautiful at the moment and have somehow survived my 8 year old's football.

We are not big, big gardeners but do enjoy a nice place to sit out in the sunnier months.

Unlike our latest stockists - Kew Gardens - maybe we should pay them a visit and pick up some gardening tips!! (Any excuse!)

So as we enjoy this glorious weather, fingers crossed it carries on into the Easter weekend, I am thinking Christmas!! Yes! you read that correctly - Christmas. I have been waiting to have a little concentrated design time and this morning, I took to the printers a finished new product - so exciting. I will show you more when I get the OK from the printers but I'm pleased with it!


crafts@home said...

I bet you wouldn't be able to find the time to do lots of gardening! On the other hand, being you.... you would and do it superbly too... I love the glimpse of what you have in store for us at Christmas :)

dosierosie said...

Congrats on Kew Gardens, that is fantastic. Look forward to seeing your new designs.

Judith said...

How nice! I love springtime!
And your Christmas stuff - let me see more (-: !

The Patchwork Heart said...

I love your bunting in the garden can I ask do you leave it up permanently and how does it stand up to the weather? Is it fabric?
Heather x