Friday, 8 April 2011

Sad goodbyes!

So today was my last day of teaching - I didn't blub! (as much as I usually do) so I'm thinking it is the right decision. I know I will see everyone again as I'll pop back and say hello at coffee time! But goodness me - wasn't I spoilt rotten?

So many beautiful flowers and in beautiful spotty paper, chocolate galore - which pleases the rest of the family. I also received some lovely homemade gifts, M&S vouchers and various hearts - see, more to add to my collection!

The children made me a beautiful heart card filled with pictures of themselves which I will treasure forever.

My good friend Mrs M. gave me this super cute spotty apple - she knows me well.

I will miss my colleagues, particularly my fabulous classroom assistant who secretly ran the class herself - the perfect right hand man!

I've come away feeling a little like a fraud - too spoilt for only one day a week, especially as this is the second time I have left in under 2 years. The Head did joke, that I wasn't allowed back as they couldn't afford for me to go again! However sad it was to say goodbye, I do feel I have done the right thing if dots and spots is to be given the chance to fully grow and for quality family time to return.

Thank you to all at Trinity School for a truly wonderful send off - one I fully appreciate. I couldn't have said goodbye to a friendlier work place.


dollycom said...

ahh bless!! its lovely to be appreciated, and you will always look at the treasures they gave you and think of them :) xx

Helen said...

wow your were lucky to work in such a lovely place , good luck with your future plans and hope it grows from strength to strength for you . love Helen xx

Sharon McEwen-Moore said...

Will miss your happy face on Fridays but I am thrilled for you & your wonderful business! Tons of love, Mrs M. x

Locket Pocket said...

What lovely presents - it shows how much you were obviously appreciated. Lucy x