Monday, 27 June 2011


So yesterday and today has been termed a 'heatwave' - I would, in all honesty expect it to last a little longer than 2 days but a heatwave it is, according to the weather men!! So on the hottest day on the year so far, I have to pack CHRISTMAS cards. My unit is in an old beer factory so was pleasantly cool considering the temperature outside. This huge pile on and under the table represent 37,000+ cards that need to be made into 6000+ packs!

After panicking slightly in my last post and can I just say a huge thank you to all of those lovely offers of help! I have just had to stop thinking about it and get on with it! I can lay 30 sets out at a time and can get 200 packs per box and so 5 and a bit boxes per design!!

When you start to see the boxes fill up and the pile on the table lessen - I feel I am getting there! Well sort of! My parents have been up today to look after the children as they have an INSET day, so they very kindly addressed all my envelopes for my catalogue drop and it's meant I had an extra couple of hours packing as I didn't have to stop for school runs.

Every evening I'm sitting in front of the TV folding packet tops - not too bad a job and again, as I start to see the brown paper packets lessen it doesn't seem as bad!

I did want to say a very special thank you to the lovely Gabs AKA Gabriella Buckingham AKA Moobaacluck who sent me this lovely surprise gift in the post the other day. I have hung it up in my studio and when it all gets too much, I will glance over to it and smile!

I really wish I was Superwoman.
She'd have these Christmas cards packed in no time!


Anonymous said...

You work so hard! Such an inspiration!

Moobaacluck said...

Brilliant Becky! You will do it - imagine how lovely its going to be to ship it all off. Champagne and a cool dip in the sea in order xx It was very sweet of you to show off the heart too :) love Gabs

buttonboxcards said...

wow you have been busy keep up the good work!!
elise x

Pene said...

Well done Becky for sticking at it I think I'd have given up by now!! I'm sure you'll soon have it all done and then think how happy you'll be.
Love the superwoman heart it is so you
Big Hugs
Pene x