Monday, 19 November 2012

72 pages!

Yesterday, I hid away in my studio ALL day. I had a date with my 2013 catalogue - 72 blank pages needed filling by my 9am meeting at the printers this morning.

So I closed the door and just got on with it! 

I had done the hard bit a week or so ago, working out what should go on each page. All the products except some new card designs are done. Most of the new products are here prepped and photographed and in theory, everything had a product name and code.

So it was down to me to sketch it all out and then hand it over to the printers.

 And with a huge sigh of relief, I did it! 72 fabulous pages of dots and spots goodies for 2013 will be going to print by the end of the month. We will be adding a supplement in May for any new things we decide to make and exhibit at Pulse but this catalogue should take us through 2013. 

2014 products are already on a list waiting for design time and money! 

So, I best get on with the card designs that are needed, so everything can go to print!


Crafty Helen said...

HI Becky - just received my first ever Dots & Spots parcel. Thanks so much - everything is lovely, X

hello gorgeous said...

ha! amazing! It only seems like yesterday you were panicking about getting 16 pages done!!! How acorns grow so quickly!

well deserved chicken :o)


hello gorgeous xxx