Friday, 2 November 2012

Celebration prep!

 My daughter is the only one in the household who manages to make her birthday last at least 3/4 days! She is like me a 'planner' so has been planning the big day for a while now. This afternoon her friends are arriving for a sleepover and a traditional party tea! The last, as she's 13 this year.

Tomorrow we are all going over to Wells to do a morning of Pottery painting. Sam and I are going to hide in the corner away from the giggling girls. He wants to paint something for his cousin's Christmas present and I just want to play!!!

Then Jeff is going to join us and it's off to ASK for pizza .

Sunday is  the 'actual' birthday and a quiet day (comparatively) at home.

And then Monday Sophie has an INSET day and plans to go to Bath shopping. Not really sure how all my work is going to fit in around this. I have a Christmas shopping evening and fair to prep for and I still have my catalogue layout and new card designs to do!

Don't forget it's 50% FRIDAY 
Pop over and have a look if anything tempts you - perfect stocking fillers or gifts. 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend - whatever you are doing.


Judith said...

Our second son turned 13 in august. He didn't celebrate his birthday with is friends yet. So tonight he will take them to the movie, Skyfall (-:

Wishing your daughter a wonderful and happy day!

dots and spots said...

Thank you Judith - she is one very excited little girl. Hope you all enjoy the film tonight - we are yet to see it. We have a full weekend planned - hard to believe how quickly they seem to be growing up.

Have a lovely weekend

En4tainment said...

Loving the 50% off friday just got lots of the notebooks for xmas gifts,

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sophie! We're getting all prepared for our twins' 3rd birthday in a few weeks... 13 seems a long way off but I bet it'll be here before I know it! :'(