Saturday, 10 November 2012

Christmas Charity Fair

On Thursday afternoon I arrived at the Bishops Palace in Wells to drop off some stuff for the Christmas Fair and suss out my spot and what a fab spot it was too.

I got the tables into position and claimed my corner, right by the door

Then on Friday I dropped off what seemed like a million boxes, upstairs!

and set up my stand,

 ready for the Friday night shopping evening in this gorgeous building.

 It was a busy evening although it took a while and a few signs to get people to realise that there was an upstairs but Jane the organiser did a great job and then on Saturday, we did it all again.

I stopped doing Fairs a couple of years because they take up so much time - doing the initial prep, boxing it all up, packing the car, unpaking the car, setting up the stand - all before you start selling. Then there's the time of the actual event and then the packing, unpacking and sorting it all out the other end.

 A few times over the last few days, I have been reminded why I stopped doing Fairs but then you meet the people, old and new. Some who have never heard of us and others who have been on the journey with us since the very beginning.

It was lovely to meet blog followers and fellow facebook followers and tweeters from both the customers and exhibitors. Being a local event it was also lovely to see a lot of friendly faces too.

The footfall was good but people were certainly more careful with their spending than I remember from previous years. There was a lot of liking and talking rather than lots of spending and a lot weren't ready to start thinking about Christmas. We did well though and gave out plenty of catalogues too, to spread the dots and spots word. Sophie enjoyed being banker when I got home! 

So a busy few days and tomorrow will be unloading the car and catching up on all the orders that have 'pinged' through since Friday. You certainly all loved 50% Friday this week - I'm going to be picking and packing like a demon tomorrow. I don't like getting behind on orders at this time of year so I'd rather work all day on Sunday and keep on top of everything. 

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend.


Louise B said...

It looks like such a pretty place and glad you did well. Good luck with all the orders tomorrow.

Jennie Louise Whitham said...

What a gorgeous castle, and the stall looked fabulous.

Country Rabbit said...

such a beautiful place for a fair ;0)
i do understand what it must be like, my father was a wildlife artist, sold his cards and paintings, prints and published books at country fairs and we'd all go to them as a family~ some were better than others, but its all about the customer on the day- some like you say would be very positive but wouldnt want to spend. its a really good thing these days we have the internet. lovely decorations- i love your images ;0)x

Just me, Leah said...

Good luck with the orders! One of them is for me but I don't mind waiting, it'll be worth the wait! xx

Caroline said...

Stunning glad it went well for you.
Caroline xx