Saturday, 3 November 2012

Birthday Celebrations a plenty

So in my last blog entry I showed you the decorations.

Well the girls arrived and it was a traditional party tea, requested by the birthday girl - you can't beat mini sausages, cheese and pineapple and hula hoops.

The birthday cake was a chocolate malteser cake - the inspiration - the fabulous Lorraine Pascale

Make a wish!

Only a small piece please!

The girls all had a sleepover and I must confess was much better than I had hoped - Silence by midnight and a reasonable 7'ish start to the day. We headed over to Wells, Somerset for a morning of Pottery Painting. I'm not sure who was more excited, me or the girls. The studio, is upstairs in the toy shop Junior.

 Sam and I sat on the table furthest away from the girls so that they could chatter. I must confess, I was far too engrossed in the painting to listen to them!

 Sam really enjoyed it too and we all want to give it another go one day.

I certainly loved it - concentrating hard!

I can't wait to see how they look, once fired.

We then met Jeff at ASK and had a fun meal, followed by a wander around the shops on the way back to the car. I now feel exhausted and am looking forward to a night curled up on the sofa. The actual birthday isn't until tomorrow and will be a much quieter day but she's had FUN and that's all that matters. I certainly enjoyed the painting - I might sneak over one morning for another go without the children!!


Birdie said...

I think her smile says it all. Happy Belated Birthday birthday girl.

Beki said...

It's my Birthday tomorrow too so a very Happy Birthday from one Birthday girl to another.

Beki xx

Unknown said...

Looks like a perfect Birthday.

All things nice... said...

What a lovely birthday, I would love to do the pottery too, can you add me to the birthday guest list next year :) Oh and that cake looks fab, bet it tastes good too. Best wishes to the birthday girl.

All things nice...