Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Somerset Life!

 I love living in Somerset but it can be a struggle to love it so, when it continually rains. The ground just can't take much more of it. 

 I came home early today to get on with some card designs as the deadline is looming and was met with this scene. Any persistent rain, now leads to just up the road flooding, as the water just pours off the fields. 


I did want to share this with you too, another bit of 'Somerset Life'

dots and spots features on page 114 of the new December issue - a little piece about my Somerset business.

Another horrible photo - (I have lost another stone since then!) 

But a good write up and fab photo's taken  by the very lovely Jo Sheldrake about dots and spots.

I'll leave you with a nicer image than that of the first - the perfect way to brighten up the Autumnal gloom. My kitchen with my 'every day' fairy lights on - much prettier!


jill said...

Hi,the weather here in North yorkshire is wet and cold has been now for 2days, horrible.Congratulations having your story in the magazine how lovely.Your kitchen looks lovely warm and inviting.Love Jill xx

Nic said...

Well done on the magazine article :) I decided to buy myself new wellies today since it rains so much and I was fed up of wet feet!

Fiona said...

Congratulations on another great article...perhaps as it is now my "local life" I ought to go and buy it! The weather today has been unbelievable around here in N Somerset too, Fiona x