Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A day off!

 I have been a busy bee of late - I've been doing next years Christmas Card designs ready for the 2013 catalogue, whilst trying to keep up with all the lovely orders that are 'pinging' in.

On Sunday I took a rare day off, Sophie and I headed over to Bath for the day - our only chance for a shopping trip there, this side of Christmas.

The Christmas Markets in Bath were open for business.  To be honest they were a little disappointing. When they first started out you got Artisan sellers, a really lovely selection of things you hadn't seen before. This year there were quite a few duplicate sheds - people who had just bought from a wholesaler, there were a couple of Bath shops who took on a shed to maximise sales and quite a few sheds that were there year in, year out.

Don't get me wrong, they are a lovely addition but not as nice as they used to be.

Cath Kidston's window didn't disappoint though - very festive. 

It was dry (huge bonus) and it was busy but I didn't come away very inspired and not too many gifts were ticked off my list. I'm looking forward to next weekend and Christmas at the Barn in Mells and also on Sunday is Frome's Artisan/Flea/Super Market - so fingers crossed I can get more Christmas shopping done then.

Before that though, I have lots of orders to get out, more cards to design and a photo shot to prep for on Friday. We are shooting the final catalogue images and web images for all of next years new products - exciting but very busy times. In between all this, there is of course family life too, to juggle and take care of - role on actual Christmas and a few days off.


Crafted by Carly said...

Glad you had a nice day off - and that you've been getting lots of orders!
The Christmas markets have all started here in Germany now. I LOVE the food and drink stalls the best!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Its a sad fact about Christmas markets it seems. Either the real artists are too busy making orders for customers (a good reason) or the pitches are too dear or not organized well enough ( a bad but sadly in some cases a true reason). It is a shame though!
So glad you are keeping very busy and hope you get to enjoy your Christmas break..eventually!

WinnibriggsHouse said...
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Jane Moore Houghton said...

Love your happy design work! In spite of the weak turnout in the center...I love the shot of the market in Bath with the lovely yellow buildings in the back ground. I was a student studying abroad 25+ years ago and was fortunate enough to live in that beautiful city for a month before traveling to Cardiff to study at the Uni. there. - Jane Houghton (Massachusetts, USA)

AMIdesigns said...

It does look really festive though I know what you mean about the lack of handmade work at Christmas markets. Ours here is full of food and drink stalls