Saturday, 7 March 2015


So we have decided to put our lovely house up for sale.

I've been wanting a new project for a while and with Jeff's job over in Street keeping him extremely busy, we've decided now is the right time to move closer to his work and give him some extra free time instead of travelling. It makes no difference to the children and the school run, so it's all systems go! I want the kids to move before they leave home, so that when they come home from university etc in a few years time, it will feel like home! 

Our house is lovely and I will miss it terribly but I'm itching for a new decorating project. I can't get excited about anything though until this is sold, as just today 2 house's we had our eye on, seemed to have been snapped up. Sadly I think it won't be an easy sell as we are directly on a road, that seems to put some people off but someone will fall in love with it I hope.

Who could resist this fabulous garden and the wonderful Collett Park directly behind us?

Have a look HERE!


Bronwyn said...

The back yard makes up for being on a main road if you ask me! Good luck with the sale. It should sell quickly I think!

Primroses Attic said...

Selling is always hard. And lots of work keeping the house tidy. But I am sure someone will fall in love with yours it is so beautiful. Good Luck.