Friday, 27 March 2015

Friday weigh-in!

Yay! another 1 and a 1/2 pounds off for me this week.

I'm pretty pleased with that considering my meal out last Saturday, my mini egg consumption, a few 'chip shop' chips last night and a mouthful or two of Sam's brownies. It was all within my weekly syns, so although I felt naughty it was all allowed on the plan!

My jeans really tell the story - what a difference between my size 18 jeans I wore in the magazine feature to my size 8's I can wear today - 5 stone difference in weight too!!!

( egg based mushroom pizza)

As I show with my weekly food pic at the top, you can see I eat well and can lose weight too. I guess I just eat the right food now but can still have the odd treat - all in moderation!

Sam's Chocolate Brownies have been a test of my willpower. He has cooking last lesson of the day, so I first have to endure a 15 minute car journey with the torturous smell of warm brownie's all the way home. You can see where he nibbled a corner in the car!!. They then have to go back into the oven to finish cooking as he always runs out of time at school, so the smell then lingers in the house. I then have a bite to taste and sit at the table and watch everyone else have them for tea with cream and ice-cream. I have planned them into my syns today so I can treat myself to a slice with my evening coffee. I guess I enjoy it more now it's a treat to look forward to and I savour the taste as I know it's a one off and it'll be a while until I have it again.

Well the kids break up today for Easter, I intend to do my best to stay'on-plan' and not be tempted by the enevitable treats that'll be around. I shall busy myself with de-cluttering and get out running as much as I can.

Have a lovely weekend and here's hoping the sun will shine x

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Jerra E said...

Is it slimming world you are doing? I love slimming world!! I have had a few weeks off so I'm just getting back into it! There is so much food freedom! It looks like you have done a really great job, so well done you! Your jeans are amazing!! :)