Sunday, 22 March 2015

Wonderful Weekend

What a way to start the weekend - first breakfast of the year outside in the sunshine!

Jeff had to work and we had 3 house viewings booked, so it was a good job Sophie, Sam and I were heading out to Bristol for the day. First a little shopping then ZaZa Bazaar - an eat all you can for £9.99!!! Not a great place when on a diet but good on the other hand, as I could have just one of everything and beat the craving!

I made the best choices I could, given there was temptation all around me. I'd planned to go up just the once but the plates were actually quite small so I had 2 rounds. Pudding was very hard to resist - I'd planned to have the fruit platter but there was only pineapple and orange on offer, so did have a sneaky couple of treats too which were worth every syn!! I'm not going to let my little treat take me off-plan though, I'll just syn accordingly and lower my daily syns for the rest of the week.

We then headed off to the Hippodrome to see WICKED! which simply was WICKED! Such talent! I absolutely LOVE musical theatre and we're so lucky to have the Hippodrome so close. Have booked to see Mary Poppins in November - it was the first show that Sophie went to see when she was about 5, so a  good excuse to go and see it again.

So this morning I woke early and went out for a run - a little damage limitation for yesterday. I'm quite chuffed with how well I'm doing - I'm focusing on the pace and today, I actually ran a huge chunk in one go, nearly 3k without walking so big improvements.

By getting my 3 and 1/2 stone award this week, I am now officially 


This has always been my focus, to get into the healthy BMI band and I am there. I want to get a little further down the green bit - so I have a little buffer once I hit target but this really makes me sooooooo very happy. The first time in over 18 years that I have been healthy!

Enjoy what's left of the weekend x


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your BMI!!!!
Mandy x

dots and spots said...

Thank you Mandy - I'm getting there x