Friday, 6 March 2015

Friday weigh-in!

A pound loss for me this week - I'm pleased with that after my big loss last week and although slow and steady, it's all going off in the right direction. In 25 weeks I have lost 3 stone 5.5lbs or 47.5lbs in total and I have less than a stone to lose to get to target - yay!

I post daily my meals etc over on Instagram if anyone wants to see more of what I'm doing. It's a great source of inspiration and keeps me motivated - you can find me HERE

So a good week weight wise although I have been tested with my puncture/new wheel saga and last night my fan oven blew up. They say things happen in 3's so I'm dreading finding out what number 3 will be! The old me would have stuffed myself with cake in times of stress, so I've been quite proud of my resolve.

Today has felt a little warmer and the crocuses are up in the garden - Spring certainly feels like it has arrived. I plan to be out in the garden if I can this weekend - hope the sun shines for us all.
Have a great weekend.

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Sue said...

Becky, So pleased for you and your continued success with Slimming World, it certainly is the way to go
Have a FAB weekend
Best Wishes
Sue xxx