Sunday, 26 April 2015

Exciting plans

As you may know, we're hoping to move house soon. The house is 'Sold Subject to Contract', we believe everything is going according to plan and the scary realisation is, that it could be as little as 9 weeks away. Half of me wants to get cracking, packing boxes etc, the other half of me says wait, what if something happens!! I was hampered by the gorgeous weather over the Easter break but I do think I need to start! I'm not going to actually start packing but I am going to start going through cupboards and drawers and having a good de-clutter. Piles for the car boot, piles for the charity shop, piles for the bin and things to give away!

I've been 'pinning' like a mad woman over recent weeks - sorry if you follow me. I have so many ideas that I want to bring to the new house. All the things that annoy me here, will be sorted there, one way or another. I will find a way to store the endless pairs of shoes that end up lying around (Ikea). I will find a way to stop piles of rubbish forming daily on the end of the kitchen table. I will create space, so we don't all get in each others way at tea time - the list could go on forever.

I took Sophie and Sam 'wish list' shopping to Ikea on Saturday. It's been 7 years since they will have had the opportunity to start their rooms from scratch. A lot of their current furniture is flat pack to get it up to the 3rd floor and will either stay here or be pulled apart to get it out. Both have quite set ideas about what they want and I have promised to decorate their rooms first, so they both have their own spaces to be in, amongst the expected chaos. For this first time in Ikea history, we came home with very little but with our heads full of ideas. Exciting times ahead x

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Judith said...

How exciting! Searching for new things for your future home is so much fun, I think. Good luck!