Saturday, 11 April 2015

Friday Weigh-in

Whoops! Forgot to post this yesterday - I lost a pound!
That's 3 stone 10.5 lbs in 30 weeks or 7 months. I'm pleased with that, although am a little frustrated at how slowly the last few pounds are coming off. Target is in touching distance now, hopefully by the end of May given the slow speed I'm going at the moment.

I'm still eating the most delicious food - this was a chicken, bacon and mushroom stack, served with butternut squash chips and a salad and it was absolutely delicious.

I made myself go out for a run this morning and boy was it hard work running into the wind. I nearly stopped  and nearly turned and did only 3k but am chuffed with myself that I kept going and still (just!) came in at under 30 minutes.

I picked my first home grown Rhubarb yesterday from the garden, oven baked it and had it for breakfast this morning with raspberries, Rachel's Organic Low Fat Rhubarb Yogurt and some Crunchy Bran and jolly yummy it was too!

I can't shout anymore positively about the Slimming World plan and the life and health it's given me back. I've been shopping and it feels brilliant to pretty much buy anything. Never in a million years would the old me have chosen the bright dress on the right or for that matter worn a dress at all but at £5 I couldn't resist, I now just have to actually wear it out!

Have a great weekend - it's back to school routine's on Monday sadly. This Easter break has pretty much whizzed by so on the countdown for May half term now.


Anonymous said...

You do look amazing! You look so toned too. It must be amazing to go into clothes shops and buy whatever you want. What a high! It must be great too to feel so healthy. I am very happy for you. Mandy x

Sharon said...

You look fabulous - I too can't praise SW enough - it took me two years to lose 6 stone but like you I now love the fact that I can buy any clothes in any shop instead of running to an outsize shop. Well done you - you are right that SW is truly a way of life (got to love SW chips xx). Well done!

I'm Marilyn said...

I've just found your blog again after about a year. And can I say. You look fabulous. Never expected to see your weight loss diary with slimmimg world !!! I go myself and it does work. Anyway you look great in your new outfits and I hope you are wearing the dress xxxx. Well done you for sticking at it. Marilyn