Friday, 3 April 2015

Friday Weigh-in!

So a little miracle just happened........

......I just lost 1/2 a pound.
I am so very lucky - I was ready to expect a gain and at the very best a maintain, the scales even wobbled but by the skin of my teeth I came in with a loss!

I have eaten a few treats, I have picked a little more than I ever have (Sam's brownies), I haven't drunk my water in the same way or exercised in the last 5 days but I guess it was all within my syns and 'on-plan'. 

In 29 weeks I have never gained or maintained and I would so love to get to target that way. I will only have myself to blame if I don't, so back to it with a little more focus this week.

Lunch is synned and 'on-plan' 7 syns for the Hot Cross Bun and 3 syns for the butter! I had to have a Hot Cross Bun at Easter, so I did my homework and found the lowest syn bun, gave the rest of the pack away at group and will enjoy every mouthful. Chocolate doesn't bother me but Hot Cross Bun's are another matter x

It's grey and damp here, I'm hoping the sun will pay a visit or it will at least dry up. 
Have a lovely Easter weekend and if you're having a few treats, enjoy them!

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