Thursday, 23 April 2015

Making the most.......

.....of this fabulous weather!

Hasn't it been glorious?

 I really must say, I've been loving this warm sunshine and have a stack of jobs piling up to do as a result. Thinking it will all change tomorrow, I've been out in the garden making the most of it. Sadly, I do think it's all about to change tomorrow but I'm hoping there may be more sunshine here before too long.

Collett Park has looked stunning. The blossom is a picture at the moment and the spring bulbs have been beautiful. I will really miss the park when we move and our lovely garden.

We're pondering whether to plant much in the veg beds due to the move. Am thinking peas as they crop quite early and maybe a few beans and pumpkins in case the new owners are green fingered - we don't want to leave them with empty beds. My rhubarb is doing brilliantly this year, well worth the wait and my peonies have suddenly made an appearance. The garden we hope to move to, is established and very pretty so we won't be taking too much with us. Fingers crossed everything is moving in the right direction with the move. You never know do you, so I'm quietly wishing everything goes to plan.

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Anonymous said...

Moving house is a very unsettling experience. I do so hope your move goes smoothly. Scary and exciting all rolled into one! Good luck! Mandy x