Friday, 17 April 2015

Friday weigh-in

1 and 1/2 pounds off for me this week taking me to 3 stone 12 lbs altogether!
Pretty chuffed with that and I felt I'd had a really good food week.

I've set my final Target - just 6 pounds to go!

My consultant asked me to do the 'jeans shot' the 'get in one leg sho't now I'm nearing Target, which I  just about managed to do - size 18 down to a size 10/8!!!!!!

I'm still running and enjoying my exercise class - I'm pretty chuffed with myself and how I'm managed to change my life and health in 7 months.

This gorgeous weather is helping - you want to be outside and eating fresh, clean, healthy food - here's hoping this is the start of a lovely warm, sunshiny Summer.

This was last night's tea - it was delicious.
Here's to another good week.


joy said...

Becky, you are so brilliant, well done, well done, well done. You should be so proud of yourself, and hope the maths teacher is proud of your new figure too. Joy x x

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! You are amazing! Well done! Mandy x

Ali said...

Wow!!! I really need some of your motivation!!

Sharon said...

You look great - you should be woman of the year for your group!

Jo Sheldrake said...

Incredible Becky! What an achievement. How did you keep going. I keep lapsing!