Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Farewell March......

March has been a mixed bag - started off badly with my pothole/tyre incident and cooker blowing up but ended on a real high with the house sale/move! Here's hoping April is a good month too.

Spring is certainly here now and very welcome it is too. We've just got back from a couple of days in Cornwall - just the break we needed and we were treated to such glorious weather whilst we were there too - blue skies and sunshine.

We spent all day yesterday in sunny St Ives.

The tide was very low - hard to think Jeff and Sam were jumping off here in the Summer - at least they could get a good look at what was beneath them.

Lunch was at our favourite spot 'The Hub!' it really is the best place to eat - fab food, fab views, great atmosphere - what more could you want!

I went 'off-plan' and enjoyed every mouthful x

I did resist the pasties and yeast buns and fudge......

.......and whilst everyone enjoyed a flake 99 ice-cream, I took photo's of seagulls!!!

To be honest I'd rather be happy as I am now, feeling good about myself than stuffing myself with all the yummy treats - the odd treat won't hurt me but I eat in a completely different way now and really am happy with the way I am and what I've achieved.

Beautiful tulips have greeted us on our return - here's hoping we have a sunny Easter weekend so we can get out in the garden and enjoy it x

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Primroses Attic said...

Glad you had some sun while you were in Cornwall. It's windy and cold now. Lovely pics of you all.
Good of you to resist a ice cream